Rutgers Email for Life

Staying engaged and connected is key to keeping the Rutgers alumni community strong and moving forward. Your ability to communicate reliably and comfortably through email is important to us. With that in mind, we want to inform you of an upcoming change in email service.

As a Rutgers graduate, you're entitled to a Rutgers ScarletMail email account; all you have to do is use the Rutgers Activation website.

Some common questions:

How do I activate my ScarletMail account?
If you already have a Rutgers NetID, your next step is to visit the Service Activation webpage, log in with your Rutgers NetID, and activate your new ScarletMail account.

What if I don't have a NetID or forgot my NetID password?
If you forgot your NetID and/or password or don't have a NetID (a unique identifier for accessing Rutgers services), please review the instructions below.

Can't remember your NetID?
Visit the Forgot NetID webpage to retrieve your NetID and then activate your ScarletMail service.

Have your NetID, but forgot your password?
Reset your password, then activate your ScarletMail service.

If you never had a NetID:
Complete the Activate NetID form and then follow the instructions for activating a new ScarletMail account.

Once you complete the appropriate steps listed above, you should have access to a new ScarletMail account. You can visit the My Services website to ensure your ScarletMail account is activated.

If you have any questions or issues please contact the OIT helpdesk at Help & Support - Information Technology (, call (833-648-4357), or email