Are you applying for jobs and not finding success? Maybe you don’t even know where to start. As you look to check “get a job” off your list, keep these tips in mind to help you land more interviews quickly.

Start with a targeted approach.

Before you start the job search process, know who you are, what you want to do, and what you bring to the table. Identify your strengths, unique experiences you have had, and what you are truly passionate about. Then, research career paths that align with those strengths, experiences, and passions. Figure out which career paths are right for you, what companies you align with most, and how you will find those opportunities. This task may seem tedious, but if you put in the work, you will find the right job faster.

Put yourself out there—you never know who you’ll meet!

Networking is essential to the job search process. Blindly applying for open roles can only get you so far. Instead, spend the time and effort researching individuals, crafting intentional messages to them, building relationships, and maintaining those connections. Not sure where to start? Look into industry conferences and events to attend. Tap into your alumni network to find individuals in career fields that interest you. Ask your professors for connections to their network. Do a quick LinkedIn search and reach out to anyone who is doing what you hope to do. Any one connection can prove immensely valuable for your entire career.

Ask for help when you need it.

If you try to figure it all out yourself, you will end up wasting your time and losing out on opportunities. Understand where your weaknesses are. Writing? Networking? Personal branding? Once you know what you need to work on, find someone to help, whether it’s a professional career coach, a school counselor, a professor, a mentor, or even a parent.

So you got the job—now what? Use these proven methods to ensure that you show up to impress in your new job and navigate it successfully.

Keep networking!

Building a network of industry professionals in your circle will help you for the rest of your career. As they move on to new companies, so does your reach. If you need advice or guidance from someone who has been in your shoes, or a recommendation or referral, you have a whole network of people who know you well enough to help. Keep these relationships warm and continuously add to them.

Find a mentor.

Mentorship is important for career growth and progression, especially when you are just starting out in your career. Find someone you look up to who is in a position that you hope to be in one day. Formally ask them to be your mentor. Odds are they’ll be thrilled and honored that you asked. Set up regular meetings with them and come to each meeting with a list of topics you wish to discuss. Imagine having someone to bounce ideas off of and get career advice from all year long!

Continuously set goals and metrics for your career.

Goal setting is the most effective way to find career success. Goals can and should change over time, but you must set aside time to intentionally set them. Put a reminder on your calendar either every quarter, every six months, or once a year and focus on setting long- and short-term goals. Long-term goals should be where you want to be, broken down into steps you need to take to get there. Short-term goals should be those steps broken even further into action items you can take within the year to achieve them. Set deadlines and make them actionable.

This is an exciting time to start a new venture that is likely to shape the trajectory of your entire life. Make sure you approach it thoughtfully and strategically. There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to do things the right way. Best of luck!

Parul Khosla

Parul Khosla (she/her) is founder and CEO of Elevate Sports Talent, a career coaching company that helps sports business professionals. After earning her bachelor’s degree in exercise science and sports studies in 2016 from Rutgers University–New Brunswick, she worked with the National Hockey League, National Football League, Madison Square Garden, Minute Media, and The Walt Disney Company, where she honed her skills in talent acquisition, diversity, equity and inclusion, employee engagement, and learning and development initiatives. In 2023, Parul earned her MBA from Rutgers and founded Elevate Sports Talent, fueled by a vision to make the sports industry more accessible and welcoming for all those who aspire to work there.